Net Neutrality: Adam Green and Craig Newmark

Adam Green, Communications Director Civic Action

Craig Newmark, Founder

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Adam Green

Adam Green
Communications Director, Civic Action

Adam Green serves as Civic Communications Director for Civic Action. Before working at, Adam was Communications Director for the New Jersey Democratic State Committee and was the DNC’s Press Secretary in Oregon during the 2004 presidential campaign. Adam hails from beautiful New Jersey.

Adam attended law school at the University of Virginia and did his undergraduate work at The George Washington University, where he studied political communications and economics. Adam is smart and passionate and has mastered the communications and organizing game.

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark
Founder and Namesake,

Craig Newmark founded Craig is considered one of the premier American Internet entrepreneurs and his website gets over five billion hits per month. Craig is a surrogate for the Save The Internet coalition, a group that was put together to fight the big telecom companies to ensure Net Neutrality, or an open and equal internet.

Craig lives in San Francisco. Thanks for the couch, lamp, bookcase and TV, Craig.

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  1. Jim Williams Says:

    Although we’ve done a good job of getting the issues out, we have not done as good a job of tying Net Neutrality to the current election as I’d like. My page, Net Neutrality Campaign Daga [] is an attempt to correct this. Kindly take a look - and - help advertize the ideas you find there!

    Thanks, Jim Williams

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