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What the Heck is a Podcast?

Think of DoubleSpeak as an online radio show. Instead of broadcasting over radio frequencies, we broadcast over the internet. Downloading an episode of DoubleSpeak is just like downloading any mp3 (music file) from a website or music sharing program.

Once you have DoubleSpeak downloaded, you can put it on your ipod or mp3 player. You can also listen to it through your computer speakers using any audio player that you have. You can also burn the episode to CD and listen to it in ANY CD player; in the home, in the car, at work, at the gym and the list goes on.

Podcasting is simply the vehicle that takes the online radio show to the listeners. If you want more on the definition of podcasting, click here.

You can even subscribe to our podcast and it will automatically be delivered to your computer or mp3 player instantly.

DoubleSpeak is on the cutting edge and as we continue to grow and evolve, we will keep you informed and ‘in the know’ so we never lose a listener because you couldn’t figure out how to listen to our show. It’s like no child left behind except we are being serious and really won’t leave any listener behind. Enjoy the show!