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Our Credo

DoubleSpeak has been on the frontlines of the political battles in America for the past two election cycles. Launched in early 2006, DoubleSpeak is an online radio show and podcast that features high-profile guests, commentary from top media pundits and on-the-ground coverage of important election fights from battleground states across America.

DoubleSpeak is hosted by Matthew and Peter Slutsky, twin brothers based in Washington, D.C., who have extensive experience working in Democratic politics and who are launching their media careers online and hope to bring their experience, expertise, connections and personalities to listeners from coast to coast. The show is produced by Josh Skaroff, the Slutsky Brothers longtime confidant, technical advisor and best friend.

The show is both humorous and informative and aims to penetrate through the mainstream filter and add reverb and infrastructure to internet-driven media. DoubleSpeak uses the power of the web to reach as many listeners as possible and DoubleSpeak has built a dedicated audience comprised of people who wish to stay informed about political races and to be involved in the most critical issues of the day.

The DoubleSpeak team spent the 2006 political cycle on the road traveling on the “One Minivan, One American Tour 2006.” The tour took us around the country and was an effort to connect our listeners to the most targeted campaigns of the cycle and introduce them to candidates vying for seats at all levels of government. Prior to the trip we conducted a grassroots fundraising effort and were able to secure enough resources from listeners, friends and families to pack up a minivan and hit the road.

We ended up conducting interviews in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado and Virginia. In addition to producing podcasts on the road we also appeared on local and national political talk radio to discuss our journey and provide analysis of the races we focused on.

Already during the 2008 cycle DoubleSpeak has been to New Hampshire to cover the race at the ground-level for The Huffington Post. Our stories about Ron Paul’s revolutionaries, the youth vote in the Huckabee and Obama camps, McCain’s resurgence in the campaign and many other pieces received substantial attention and were featured on the homepage of The Huffington Post throughout our eight-day trip.

The DoubleSpeak team – Matthew, Peter and Josh have worked hard to build this show into a podcast that people turn to for political news and analysis.