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Axelrod Responds To Obama Victory: ‘Expects Attacks’

In an interview with DoubleSpeak, Barack Obama’s Chief Strategist David Axelrod responded to Obama’s Iowa caucus victory. During this interview at the Senator’s first campaign event in the state of New Hampshire, Axelrod said that attacks on Obama are to be expected from his rivals over the next few days.

Rough transcript after the jump.

Rough Transcript:
Wow, I mean it was a magical night. It was a wonderful night. We’ve been, you know, we’ve been working at this for 10 months, and we had this vision when we started that we could attract young people in ways that they hadn’t been attracted before. Independents, some disillusioned republicans, and built on our democratic base. and do something special, and, you know, its great to have a theory. You can build the plane, but last night, we found out whether it could fly or not, and it flew beautifully, you know. and I think its going to continue to fly.

Do you credit young voters with your victory last night?

Well I think they were a huge part of it, just to put it in perspective, in 2004 only 12% of the voters who participated in the caucauses were under the age of 45. Last night, it was 40% and of that 40% 22% were under the age of 29. And so, 22% of the voters we’re under the age of 29, and 22% were over the age of 65. Usually the over 65 dominate. So it was a profound change in the composition of the electorate. So, yes I give young people credit, and you know, look, this is not just a prescription for winning the nomination, this is what we as a party have to do, we have to reenergize young people in this country, and give them a sense that there is meaning in politics, that you can actually acheive postive things for yourself and the country by being involved. That’s been beaten out of young people for so long, and I think he is reigniting a sense of possibility, and thats very very important.

Whats your messaage to New Hampshire youth? inevitably this thing could get ugly, there could be attacks leveled at obama in the next week.

There very well may, I would expect that, but you know, I think in a sense, those are exactly the kind of tactics that are part of the old politics that we’ve come to know and hate in this country. I think we have to stop ripping each other down, and lifting up the country, and thats what this candidacy is about.

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More On Ron Paul and Fox News

If you enjoyed our video yesterday on Ron Paul and his New Hampshire campaign, give a listen to the extended version:

As always, you can check out our videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, and our commentary and analysis on the Huffington Post.

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Flashback: McCain in the Granite State

As now-Republican nominee John McCain heads back to New Hampshire, we turn back the clock to just 2 months ago, when Senator McCain’s triumph over his opponents was far from assured. From DoubleSpeak’s coverage of the New Hampshire Primary for the Huffington Post.

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Kaine and Very Able

What a day for DoubleSpeak! This morning we scored an interview with Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia and were able to be among the first people to ask him about the Washington Post’s reports that he sits atop Senator Barack Obama’s shortlist for Vice-President.

We’ve posted over at HuffingtonPost’s OffTheBus but wanted to give some love to all you DoubleSpeakers out there too. Here’s the recap as described on the HuffPo:

Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia woke up this morning to a new reality. He is, as reported by the Washington Post, on the short list to be Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate.

Kaine’s monthly radio appearance to discuss local issues pre-scheduled for today on WTOP radio in Washington, DC, was cast in different, higher intensity light. Kaine was joined by his colleagues DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

It was quite a scene with a catered buffet (which included an omelet station) and a throng of reporters waiting to get an answer to the question of the day: will Kaine be Obama’s Vice-Presidential pick?

Immediately following the radio broadcast, we were able to get a few minutes with the Governor and ask a number of questions about his personal reaction to the attention he’s receiving and to get his response to Sen. McCain’s recent attacks on Sen. Obama’s overseas trip.

Kaine on McCain’s campaign:

“It’s just desperation. They’re just looking for a handle to grab on and slow the momentum of this bus down. And, it’s a different strategy every couple of days. It really has the air of desperation about it.”

Kaine on Vice-Presidential Speculation:

“…I’m not going to make the case for myself because that’s not why I’ve endorsed Senator Obama…”

“And, it still seems unlikely to me, it’s nice being mentioned. My Mom likes it, you know, but look, I got on board in February of ‘07 because I knew the country needed a change in direction and from a good Democratic field– I thought the field was a good field– he just struck as the guy who could change the direction of the nation. I’m just so gratified by the way the campaign has been run and the chance we have nationally but also in Virginia.”

“It’s a little surreal. It’s surreal to be mentioned and again it’s nice to be considered but I know there’s a lot of folks they’re looking at– there’s a lot of different skills and attributes that they have to weigh– personal, geographic, political — a whole series of things. But, you know, I have grown to have tremendous confidence in Barack’s judgment, in the judgment of his team, in very hard moments along the campaign, you know, I’ve kind of been with him when things were going well and not so well but they’ve always, in a cool and deliberate way, made a good judgment, and I have no doubt that the pick they make is going to be a strong one.”

For more images click here.

A very special thank you to our talented photographer Kate Sokolov who negotiated her way through the gaggle of reporters to get some great pics. We also want to thank Governor Kaine’s staff for allowing us great access during the WTOP interview and for granting us one of the only one-on-one interviews of the morning.

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