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DoubleSpeak is an online radio show from the minds of Matthew and Peter Slutsky.
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Josh Skaroff
Producer, Technical Director, Editor – Philadelphia native Joshua B. Skaroff has been helping the Slutsky brothers formulate sentences for over a decade. Josh has a passion for singing without musical accompaniment and a proclivity for getting artwork usually seen on people’s walls tattooed on various parts of his body. Josh’s passion for equality, justice, and Yuengling makes him not only the technical guru behind DoubleSpeak- but also an intelligent contributor to the creative voice of the show.

Brian Flounders
Art Director, Website Development – Brian Flounders grew up as one of 10 children. DoubleSpeak asked each of his 9 siblings to help out on DoubleSpeak and they all turned us down. We went with Brian. Brian brings to this staff his honed skills in website development, design, and a creative spunk the likes of which we’ve never seen before. When he is not working on the show, you can find Brian building his real estate empire and standing solidly on the ground with a size 13 shoe- earning him the nickname “lucky 13.” You know what they say about guys with big feet…

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