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About Matthew and Peter Slutsky

Matthew Slutsky

Matthew has a passion for all things progressive. His zeal for grassroots and community organizing brought him to America’s heartland in 2003, where he worked for John Kerry’s presidential campaign during the Iowa caucuses. In the general election, Matthew worked in the Kerry-Edwards war room as a member of the surrogate communications team, briefing dozens of top campaign spokespeople on message and scheduling them for national media appearances. Since 2005, Matthew has worked as a consultant at M+R Strategic Services, a progressive consulting firm in D.C., serving both non-profit and electoral clients. Most notably, Matthew has been an advisor to the Save Darfur Coalition and has played key roles in the organization’s major rallies in Washington and in New York City and has managed their multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Matthew is an avid consumer of both progressive talk radio and National Public Radio programs including his favorites This American Life and All Things Considered.

Peter Slutsky

Peter has worked in Democratic politics since the 2002 cycle, where he started as a political operative for the Shannon O’Brien gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts. Upon graduating from Northeastern University, Peter packed up his car and drove to Iowa, where he served on the staff of the John Kerry for President Campaign. After barnstorming the country, securing victories for Sen. Kerry in the post-Iowa primaries, Peter served as a regional field director in Portland, Oregon during the 2004 general election. Following the 2004 election, Peter has served as a consultant in Washington, D.C., and has also worked as a communications associate at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Peter currently serves as the communications director for Progressive Strategies, an innovative consulting firm which serves the progressive community in a number of areas. Peter spends much of his day writing, editing and pitching the press on the pressing political issues of the day.