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Is Fox News Trying To Ruin The Ron Paul Revolution?

Over eggs and toast this morning, team DoubleSpeak decided to dedicate our day to covering Ron Paul. Given the attention that is on Iowa today and the reality that this campaign will likely be flip-turned-upside-down overnight after the caucus, we ventured off to wade gingerly into Ron Paul’s New Hampshire revolution.

Whoever said the revolution will not be televised did not know DoubleSpeak and Off The Bus.

To say that we found anything near conventional would be completely false. The campaign looks nothing like operations we’ve been around in the past. A bearded ukulele player greeted us at the front door as scores of volunteers- many seemingly from out of state- prepared for one of their visibility “marches” back and forth to the New Hampshire statehouse which is a couple blocks away. The march was led by a gentlemen dressed in a revolutionary war uniform beating a drum as his flock chanted. But, this isn’t just a campaign…it’s a revolution. Revolutions need drummers…right?

As has been reported by The Huffington Post - Fox News is not allowing Rep. Paul to participate in the January 6th forum here in New Hampshire. We have found that this story has gotten significant legs here in the state and our read is that should Paul exceed expectations during tonight’s caucuses, pressure will mount for Fox to flip-flop and extend an invitation.

Tonight we are going to hop around Manchester, NH to various caucus watch parties. We wait in anticipation, along with all of you, to see how Iowa moves. We’ll be posting real-time pictures of our stops.

Tomorrow morning it’s up at 5:30 AM. We’ll start with an Edwards rally then off to see Obama, McCain and Clinton.

Stay tuned.

Update: Campaign officials have confirmed to us that the Paul campaign is planning a counter-event on Sunday night and that details would be released shortly.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice piece, boys. I look forward to much more from the DS team. Stay warm, if you can.

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