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Wonderful Wheeling

Day 48
11:14 AM CT.

The American interstates are a remarkable phenomena. They make getting nearly anywhere in the US easy, accessible, and frankly, monotonous. But when you’re just trying to get somewhere quick, there’s no reason not to just stay on I-70 E the whole to Pennsylvania.

Go Claire

Our days seem to be consumed with driving this stretch of road while poll watching and eating at its many fine eateries. Just in the past two nights we’ve enjoyed the fine dining at the Timberline Steakhouse in Independence, Missouri and last night the local Applebee’s in Greenfield, Indiana. Both good meals, but at this point, every thing I put in my body seems to taste the same. It’s exciting to know I’ll be eating good home cookin’ in not too long.

We just listened to today’s Meet The Press with Rahm Emanuel and Chuck Schumer “debating” Tom Reynolds and Liddy Dole. Not much new to learn except virtually every Senate race is tied and Tom Reynolds is an idiot.


Map this!

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