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Day 34
10:11 AM CT.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the news today that the now infamous DoubleSpeak car magnet is gone. That’s right, she’s gone.

The magnet was born in April of 2006 after Phyllis and Donald B. Slutsky got together with a plan. They would, on the occasion of the DoubleSpeak launch party, present the DoubleSpeak team with its own car magnet for the road trip. It was a brilliant idea and Phyllis and Donald B. proudly presented the boys with said magnet.

However, the magnet did not initially make it on the “One Minivan, One America Tour.” Matthew, in his rush to get the hell out of dodge, left the magnet on the refrigerator. It wasn’t until the lovely lassy Patty P. came to visit her man that the magnet was reunited with its owners.

That was a few days ago and now it’s gone.

We had the magnet on the side of the Toyota Sienna and inadvertently left it there as we went into a Sioux City establishment to attend to some business. When we returned to the minivan, the magnet was gone and with it our innocence too.

I turned to Josh as soon as I realized what had happened and the following discussion ensued:

Matthew: We’ll never laugh again now that the magnet is gone

Josh: We’ll laugh again, but we’ll never be young again.

How right you are, Joshua B. Skaroff.

To all of those who have loved and lost, you know where we are today. But after all, it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all.

Goodnight sweet DoubleSpeak car magnet, sleep well. You’ve done good.

Finally - the DoubleSpeak magnet!

April 2006-October 2006


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  1. Patty Pina Says:

    Oh no! That is awful news. I wonder what she’s doing right now…

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