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  1. Hollis Says:

    The Brothers Slutsky are linguistic virtuosos! Imagine, for a moment, our President flubbing his way through asking the question “do you feel that your anonymity undermined your credibility?” And then listen to these two dropping lyrics like they are hot. Or, at the very least luke-warm. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo!

  2. SkaroffBlog Says:

    DoubleSpeak Episode 2…

    Episode Two. . .
    Nick Lampson Democratic candidate in the Texas 22nd
    Duncan “Atrios” Black Blogger, Eschaton
    Commentary from Ari Melber.
    Music by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Tolga Trio.

    Click to Play


  3. Josh Says:

    I liked it–even when Ari Melber talked about Bush.

    God, I’ll bet that dude gets a lot of bush.

  4. politicaljam Says:

    Storage room 3B at GOP HQ….. hilarious!

    My favorite part of this show had to be the Bushification of McCain.

    Thanks for keeping the ball rolling on this blog…. we will need a laid-back, fun approach like this to keep blogs growing and bring in new listeners. Can’t wait until the next episode…. please hit Reid with some tough questions.

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