Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Roger Wendt, David Yepsen

Sen. John Kerry
Democrat from Massachusetts

David Yepsen
Columnist for the Des Moines Register

Rep. Roger Wendt
Iowa State Representative, HD-2.

A rant by Donald B. Slutsky.

Music by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and The Brakes.

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    This is the dopest show I have ever heard. The interview is insightful (even if the interviewee has yet, alas, to grasp the concept of succinctness), the editing is pristine, and the Click & Clack reference at the end is priceless. Mrs. Slutsky’s final promo was the clincher. Floundies is a huge talent as well.

    This entire endeavor is to be lauded. I was at CAP for the SOTU listening to Air America and thought, the Slutsky brothers should be narrating this speech. True story.

    And one day they shall.

  2. David Coletto Says:

    Matt and Peter - This is awesome!

    You’ve got fans up in Canada now - oh Canada.

    Hope all is well.

  3. Josh Warren Says:

    Great job guys!

    Move over Kobe Bryant- Merion, Pennsylvania has a new king (or kings).

    And unlike Kobe, these guys actually pass the ball and aren’t into that whole “sloppy sevenths” thing…

  4. Michael Simon Says:

    Missing the enlightened banter of the Brothers Slutsky was my primary concern in leaving DC for the ivy-covered walls of law school. Now that I can get them on my iPod, what else do I need in life? Food and water = overrated.

  5. Holly Says:

    Love it and love you both for it.

  6. Emily Says:

    You’re beautiful. Don’t ever change.

  7. Mandy Says:

    Donald B. Slutsky may be a Republican, but he spawned the both of you so we love him anyway. Great show, boys!

  8. politicaljam Says:

    I want to thank you both for launching this site. I was directed to it by a good friend before it was officially launched, heard the demo, and made sure to check back for the first audiocast when it became available.

    I hope that the lively and humorous approach to serious issues and candidates can keep other young activists motivated and informed of our changing political dynamic.

    I, too, believe that 2006 will be a year of progressive change. Let’s hope that we can all do our part in the process.

  9. David Says:

    From your other father (a registered Democrat) in Oregon…

    Keep up the great work boys. I’ll tune in from time to time to listen to the show since neither of you call home often enough. I love you both, and I’m especially grateful that you never ask your distant relatives to send you any money.

    Seriously, if there ever was a time for political humor, this was it. Shining a light on the lies and crimes of this administration is essential, and you guys are bright and funny. Thanks.

  10. joe Says:

    well done gentlemen.

  11. Jennifer Brown Says:

    Freedom’s on the march!!! Freedom’s on the march!!! OMG, this is amazing. Good luck guys.

  12. Ted Erfer Says:

    Wow - there was Hap Arnold, then Al Haig, then Gerald Levin. then Chuck Barris, then a bunch of other folks, then Kobe, now Slutsky times 2. Keep up the great work. Lower Merion (now with a Democratic Majority) is proud of its two famous liberal commentators. I expect to see you both on Hard Ball.

  13. Patrick J. Fitzgerald Says:

    Keep up the good work, boys and always remember - wear clean underwear and keep your noses clean! ;)

  14. dave b Says:

    I only got through the Kerry interview. i was a complete let down.

    all i keep reading from the creators is how this is a no bullshit site and the interveiws would be worth something.

    the Kerry interview was a joke. from the interview a listener would have throught we won the election. but more importantly than that, there wasn’t much in the way of substantive questions. here’s what i want asked:

    - what’s up with phase 2 of the Senate Intel Committee investigation?

    - why not go into closed session again?

    - which Republican Senator should the netroots try to after and get voted out?

    - what’s going on with the ethics reform?

    - why is it the Dems still can’t mount anything above embarrassing when it comes to getting a message and sticking to it on TV

    So many questions we need answered……

    I know this is a negative review, but it’s for a reason…..I want this site to be valuable, not just more noise.

    Dave B.

    PS- I think it’s a great idea and from what i heard it was produced nicely… just no guts to the questions (of Kerry at least)

  15. Tim Mooney Says:

    Outstanding work… release the hounds on ep 2!

  16. Josh Says:

    Dave B,

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say your criticisms were fair. But you must understand that this show is self produced with minimal financial and technical help. Consequently, we’ve been working on this project for quite a while now. New episodes will eventually come on a more timely basis but this interview was actually conducted in the early winter of 2005. We couldn’t address several of your issues and had to make many edits to maintain a certain level of topicality.

    We’re also learning and growing along with our listeners. We’re developing a voice and an agenda. Let us get our toes wet before we dive in completely.

    I hope you’ll keep coming back and offering more criticism and your thoughts. That’s what makes the internets great.

    And Episode 2 will be out sometime next week featuring Nick Lampson.

    Producer, DoubleSpeak

  17. Carrie Says:

    Looking forward to more! It’s the perfect platform for you crazy kids.

  18. Dave B. Says:

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your comments.

    Hey, just so I don’t sound too cynical, I think the concept and presentation were/are very impressive.

    I look forward to your future interviews.

    Thanks again,
    Dave B.

  19. Myles Says:

    Loved it gentleman. A true piece of democratic and political art. Can’t wait till your camped out in PA, we’ll get together in between my getting a man elected to the US Senate

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